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Welcome to 'Farah', a simple yet important message that we need to present in everything your eyes meet. Every single detail was designed to reflect the luxury of our hospitality from the hand-polished Mediterranean stone floors to the spacious triple height foyer and the shiny black glass reception desk that stands like a black pearl amidst our seashell.

Cabins Accommodation

All Cabins and suites are equipped with LCD TV, mini bar, private safe box, internet connection, a private bathroom (with bathtub, hairdryer) and an individual control for the central air conditioner. For your safety, a smoke detector system panel and sprinkler are provided in all cabins and outlets of the boat.

Dining (Food & Beverage)

In our lavish large restaurant, our guests will have the chance to enjoy their carefully prepared and served meals. Both breakfast and lunch are offered in an open buffet, and the dinner will be a la carte except for one night where dinner shall be an egyptian buffet. Always including special choices for the vegetarians.


After a long day of sightseeing and exploration it is time to sit back and relax while sipping on your favorite drink. A contemporary atmosphere that stands in stark contrast with the surroundings and a mood specifically designed to enhance your level of comfort and serenity. You can dance on our oriental beats, watch the slow of the night or simply feast your eyes on the breath taking view of the Nile.

Other Facilities

Mezzanine floor with gift shop, hair dresser and boutiques. Gymnasium, Steam & Sauna free of charge. Massage room with different choices with reasonable fees. Wireless Internet connection in all the outlets Free of charge. Laundry facilities. Automatic fire alarm. Complete water purification station.

Each of our guest rooms feature a private bath, wi-fi, cable television and include full breakfast.


855 100 4444
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